Let’s Work Together To Create a Society Where No One Is Left Behind

•  The Center of Research and Community Inclusive Support (CORMIS in short) was set up in January 2018. The operation objective of the Center is focusing on building inclusion capacity for the marginalized groups, including people with disabilities. This is a scientific and technology organization managed by Danang Union of Science and Technology Associations.

• For the periods of 2018 - 2025, CORMIS will concentrate on four main programs:
  1. Disaster risk reduction (DRR) in climate change (CCA) context;
  2. Development and implementation of effective upcycling models for well-being with the participation of the networks of marginalized people, enterprises, local government and universities
  3. Empowering, strengthening the networks of marginalized groups, especially women with disabilities in Vietnam through Preventative Mental Health Awareness, and Collective and Self-Care community outreach program; 
  4. Living in happiness  
  5. Building working skills for the marginalized groups, in particularly the women with disabilities 
  6. Support for emergencies situations, for example, after natural disasters, COVID pandemic
• We believe that in “Inclusive society”, each individual can contribute the development of a society by actively involved and using their own potentials and capacities. Everyone has the right and responsibility to contribute his/her voice in a decision-making process that may affect his/her life. Through this vision, CORMIS wishes to contribute to many aspects of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Vietnam’s strategies to achieve these goals which is the global commitment

• The Center' stratgies focus on the following 3 fields of research :

  1. Study, develop suitable models, solutions, initiatives to promote possibility of inclusion, increase quality of life of the marginalized groups in the society. 
  2. Implement and modify, complete the modules, solutions and initiatives to support, promote the inclusion capacity and increase quality of life of marginalized groups in the society. 
  3. Provide services following the needs of stakeholders to collectively increase the capacity for inclusion and quality of life of the marginalized groups in the society. 


Implement effectively commitments through the researches, appliances of useful initiatives and models to improve the quality of life of marginalized people.


(To 2025)
Become a trustful and pioneering in studying, applying new, suitable initiatives, models to help communities, including the marginalized people to increase their inclusion and sustainable development.

Core values  

Responsibility - Creation - Professional - Transparency and Unity

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On Going Programs

  •  03/07/2023 04:32 PM
  •   Danang, Vietnam

The Module 2 Training of TRE community facilitators were successfully implemented in Danang, Vietnam from June 1-4, 2023. 7 women, including women with disabilities participated in this training. They came from different provinces of Vietnam, including Danang, Hanoi, Quang Tri and Quang Ngai. This training firstly helped the participants to review basic knowledge on TRE that they already learnt from Module 1. Then, they learnt how to facilitate properly a TRE session for community. That included how to guide people to do exercises including making modifications for different target groups in the community, how to help practitioners to do self-regulate, self -intervention, etc. Therefore, there were lots of practice happened in this training. At the end of the training, most of the participants said they felt more confident to start guiding community to do TRE. Each team at each province developed plan to start practicing TRE sessions under the monitoring of TRE provider.

  •  03/07/2023 03:05 PM
  •   Danang, Vietnam

There has been no specific data of the amount of Deaf people in Danang city There has been no specific data of the total people with disabilities, including the Deaf affected from the previous natural disasters in Danang The Deaf community could not understand the public early warning given by Local Disaster Management Agency. The local Disaster Risk Management Agency do not understand sign language and could not provide accessible early warning for the Deaf! These are the crucial issues that we decided to organize the Training – Workshop on Disaster Risk Management for the Deaf. This activity was held on June 30, 2023 in collaboration with our local management agency, the Danang Union of Science and Technology Associations. The participants of this training workshop included representatives of Leaders of The Center of Policy and Disaster Risk Management Technique (under Viet Nam Dike and Disaster Management Authority), The Danang Center of Disaster Risk Management, Department of Labors, War Invalids and Social Affairs; Center Deaf Services; Danang DPO, Danang and Tien Giang Club of the Deaf and teachers from schools that have deaf pupils in Danang. Though the training - workshop lasted only for 1 day, it has brought the relevant stakeholders to sit together, shared and understood more clearly about their strengths and weakness in this matter; discussed and proposed the priority solutions/measures need to be implemented to make sure that the Deaf community in Danang will not be left behind in the local Disaster Risk Management program in the coming natural disaster season. The Deaf will be more active in participating in community activities to keep them safe, reduce losses and support other members in the community in the way they can.

  •  11/04/2023 06:21 PM

To us, mental health health care program for the marginalized group is considered as a priority program, same as the sustainable livelihood program for them. It is clear that, when they have good health, inner peace and positive attitude of living, they can do what they want in their life easier, they can overcome the barriers challenging them easier and they can feel the happiness in their life. When they have inner peace, it will also affect the peace of the communities around them. So, they can be able to contribute to the world with positive energy, compassion and sharing. We are grateful for the wonderful continued collaboration of the Art of Living Vietnam in this meaningful program. Thank you so much for the dedicated collaboration of the Managing team, the amazing presence of each member of the Club of Independent Living of Danang in this health care activity via the breathing techniques. Thank you so much for all your positive sharing at the end of the session. It enabled us to evaluate how this activity is needed, the suitability of the method and initial effects for your group, the severe disability using wheelchair. So grateful for your amazing facilitation, Ms Tran Linh.

  •  11/04/2023 06:15 PM

Thank you for the interesting visit of the professors coming from Hong Kong University of Technology and CELC Center, Da Nang University of Architecture. We had a great time sharing about our community projects from both sides. The project that enabled the students from Fashion Faculty in Hong Kong applied the knowledge learnt in university to help their community is really amazing. It opens new ideas for us in our current program of Upcycling for Wellbeing. And thank you so much for the comments on our upcycled products from the Professor on Fashion Design in Hong Kong, Ms.Jin Lam. We will share with our team about it. We hope you all have a great, succesful trip in Vietnam and hope your students will come to Vietnam in the future for their community projects.

  •  11/04/2023 06:05 PM

The plan of organizing this event was made before COVID pandemic happened. However, we could not organize it and delayed until now. Therefore, when it happened, we were so happy. So much emotion came up the moment it happened. Especially, the moment we stood by Hoai river in the Old Town, watching each model with disability came out with their confidence and bright smile is the moment that we will never forget in our life. It was so touching and happy moment that we could not keep our happiness cries! We are grateful for the kind support of the People’s Committee, the Division of Natural Resources and Environment of Hoi An city to make this event happen successfully. We are grateful for all individuals, organizations, groups in different cities who had sponsored, supported us in sharing the event and preparing each step of the event. Your amazing love and support had enabled us to make this event successful. We will never forget your compassion and sharing! We are thankful for our partners, friends who had spent your time coming to participate our show. Your presence, especially those coming far from Hoi An, was a huge motivation for us in this special event. We appreciate your love! We would love to share our love & deep gratitude to other members in our organization team: Ms Phan Ngoc Xuan Thao, the designer and the tailors from Miukstyle shop, the S.E.A club, Cua tiem hanh phuc, Women’s Union of Cam Nam ward. Our love for environment and the marginalized groups are the “fire” that brought us together to make this event happen. Especially, we would love to express our admire, love and gratitude to 18 women with disabilities who became the model in this event. We believe all the guests who came to this event will never forget your confidence, charming and beauty. Keep inspiring other people and shining, the amazing ladies with disabilities! And thank you so much all CORMIS team who had tried your best to support silently and collaborate with our partners to make this event happen. Finally, thank you so much for all different teams of mass media for your presence and sharing our event. Your important contribution has enabled our event to reach so much more people in the community. Really appreciate your contribution!!! With our love and gratitude CORMIS team.

  •  11/04/2023 05:50 PM

We continue to provide TRE for the communities living in Hoi An and Danang. Through our workshops, they have been raised on mental health, learnt how to use TRE safely in their daily life to help reduce stress. The workshops are open for all target groups in the community, including enterprises, students, INGO staff, local charity organization. The workshops have been implemented in collaboration with our partner Lang 3 and TRE Coffee - Lounge &Dining.

  •  11/04/2023 05:40 PM
  •   Da Nang, Vietnam

We have finished our Module 1 for 2nd group - Training of TRE Community Facilitators. It was such a great training, full of joys, emotion and sharing. Though our participants came from different area of Vietnam, have different background, different appearance, etc they came together as a team so quickly. Reasons might not only be the same sex, they have common interest in learning more deeply to use Tre effectively to take care of themselves and take care of their communities, including the at risk and marginalized members they are working with. Thank you for your self love and compassion for the community.

  •  23/09/2022 02:12 PM
  •   Da Nang, Vietnam
  •  22/09/2022 06:28 PM
  •   Da Nang, Vietnam

The linen upcycling workshop was organized in collaboration with our partner the Crafty Cow at their venue 02 An Thuong 37, Danang. This workshop enabled the participants to experience painting on tote bag upcycled from used linen like bed sheets, pillow cases, table clothes of the resorts, hotels. The upcycled bags were made by the women with disabilities working in the Upcycling Project for Well being at CORMIS. More than 20 children and youths participated in this workshop. They were very interested in making arts for these upcycled bags and happy with their creative painting. At the end of the workshop, each participant has their own beautiful bag to use. This workshop is one of the ways that aims to raise awareness of the community on reducing wastes in a creative way.

  •  22/09/2022 05:31 PM
  •   Công viên Biển Đông, Đà Nẵng, Việt Nam

We are happy to participate in the BRIDGEFEST music festival together 31 organizations coming from Central, North and South Vietnam. The message highlighted in this event is “Narrow down the gap and work together for a human economy”. At this event, we introduced about themselves, the mission and our operating programs. The Up cycling program was shared in detailed to the participants. We also organized the workshop right at our booth where the participants can experience how to do up cycling work. In doing so, they can have more awareness on environment protection via reducing, up cycling the wastes

  •  22/09/2022 11:47 AM
  •   Vietnam

The WHO estimates that about 5000 people commit suicide every year in Vietnam and around 3.564.000 people are suffering from mental disorders, accounting for 4% of the whole population. The shocking data also reveals the extremely stressful reality faced by a particularly vulnerable population, people with disabilities. Aiming at improving the quality of life of community, including the people with disabilities in Vietnam, CORMIS has established partnerships with international experts to develop and implement innovative Self and Collective Care Methods for Stress Reduction and Resiliency Building. Our primary supports include: providing TRE sessions for different target groups, including people with disabilities (online & offline); training of community TRE facilitators, trainings of TRE global providers for those who wish to master on TRE. All these activities will be implemented in close collaboration with our international trainers. Besides, we also collaborate with other healing experts to provide other related activities, including nature dance, yoga, meditation, breathing, etc.

  •  02/11/2021 11:14 PM
  •   Danang, Vietnam

The beneficiaries of this project is also women, including women with disabilities. They are the ones who have been suffering a lot from the COVID pandemic. Coming to this project, the selected women will be engaged in all steps of the implementation process, including collection of the garbage of coconut shells, cleaning, upcycling them into different products and even selling to the market. Through this project, we want to create more opportunities for more disadvantage women in Central Vietnam to be able to continue working, helping them to solve the basic financial problems due to Covid pandemic. In particularly, we want to empower, inspire them to use their inner strengths to work and from that they will have more power to overcome their challenges. We love to receive support, under any forms, for this project to create more meaningful values for the community, Please Contact us for more enquiries.

  •  01/07/2021 09:43 PM - 30/12/2021 10:29 PM
  •   Danang, Vietnam

These programs will be implemented when emergency situations happen and require material assistance for affected communities, for instance natural disasters, COVID pandemic. It can be goods or money to provide for the people who need external assistance to fulfill their basic needs due to the disasters happen. Prioritized target groups include children, women, the elderly and people living in remoted mountainous areas. Our main supports include: support blanket, basic food for adults and children, help to rebuild houses and restart business for living (adults), study (children) after natural disasters, provide materials for pandemic prevention and disaster risk reduction (example: lifejackets, generators, facemasks, washing hand liquid), provide water filtering system for schools in mountainous areas.

  •  01/07/2021 09:35 PM - 30/12/2021 10:31 PM
  •   Vietnam

Locating in the Pacific Northwest tropical monsoon climate, Vietnam is one of the countries facing lots of natural disasters in the world. This is the place which has been affected by many different natural disasters like flood, storm, wind, cyclon, landslide, flash flood, whirlwind, etc. Natural disasters have made tremendous impact on economic sectors, increased poverty, negative effect on households in particular and community in general, contributing to the depression of environment and serious health issues. Together with the partners and related stakeholders, CORMIS has been trying to support material facilities and technique for local goverment, Steering Committee of Disaster Prevention & Control, Technical Support Groups at disaster prone areas so that they can be active in responding to natural disasters, minimize losses that can be caused by natural disasters. In the mean time, we also help the local communities to recover quickly after natural disasters. Through our efforts, we have tried our best to promote the active participation of all stakeholders and community, including the at risk groups, women in all process of natural disaster prevention & control, especially before disaster happens. Our support include: (1) Training, capacity building on natural disaster prevention & control, Community based Disaster Risk Management; (2) Assisting in developing technical guidance materials on Inclusive CBDRM, (3) Developing policy briefs to support advocacy efforts with decision makers (4), Evaluating the implementation and providing guidance for improving the quality of activities at different levels, (5) Guiding how to integrate inclusion aspect in the projects for community, (6) Supporting to implement other technical problems related to disaster risk reduction, for instance, early warning system, develop disaster risk map using QGIS, (7) Supporting to develop strategic and advocacy plan at national level.

  •  01/07/2021 03:15 PM - 30/12/2021 02:52 PM
  •   Da Nang, Vietnam

We have successfully completed the mental health workshop for people with disabilities and care takers for the Agent Orgent Victims living in Danang city. The workshop was organized by the close collaboration between CORMIS and VUSTA following the proposal from the CORMIS. This is the first time the mental health workshop for the marginalized group, especially the people with disabilities, was held with the collaboration among different stakeholders, from local government agency, researching, teacher from University to mental health practitioners/trainers. And the financial support was from the Government fund. 2 days were not a long time; however, it enabled the participants to understand what it means by the concept of mental health, increased their basic knowledge on mental health; had more information of the Government’s policies and programs on mental health; listened and answered directly their related concerns. Besides, they had opportunities to experience different methods for taking care their mental health (meditation, yoga, tension release exercises). We were so happy to receive so much positive feedback from the participants at the end of the workshop: “This is so meaningful workshop for us. We felt so lucky to attend this workshop. This is the place where we can share to release our sadness which was kept so long. A place that we have fun, happiness, gain more confidence, change our way of thinking for life and way of loving ourselves. The methods that we experienced are quite suitable with us. We can feel the immediate benefits after trying, for instance, less pain on our back and neck; we had better sleep last night. The knowledge we learnt on mental health in this workshop also help us to know how to talk/deal with the children at different age to encourage and not to harm them for their mental health later on in their life. We want to set up small groups in our communities, share the knowledge we learnt for more people. We want to involve more in this mental health program”. We are so grateful for the participants’ sharing and their active participation in 2 days workshop. See you all in our following activities. We are grateful for the close collaboration and dedicated support from the VUSTA, Dr Hang Phuong from the Danang Pedagogical University; the Danang trainer team of yoga, meditation from the Yellow Lotus Club; Vice Director of DoLISA, mass media in Danang, Danang DPO and Association for Agent Orgent Victims; Club of Women with disabilities from Quang Tri, Quang Ngai province and the CORMIS staff. Your amazing contribution had turned this workshop into a successful and meaningful event./.

  •  01/07/2021 10:00 AM - 30/12/2021 08:30 PM
  •   Vietnam

Capacity building for Disabled People Organizations, Clubs of Women with disabilities to help them to be able to work independently and effectively. Without proper capacity, they cannot develop, implement and evaluate their implementation strategy which aim to help change the life of people with disabilities at communities. The capacity building also help these organizations to be able to implement effectively the tasks given by the local government. So, it will add their value and improve their active role in contributing to local sustainable development. Our topics of training include: meeting facilitation skill, operation strategy development and implementation, project management, club management, communication campaign, inclusive first aids, English etc…The needs of training will be consulted directly with the Disabled People Organizations before they are implemented to ensure they meet the requirements and solve the problems of Disabled People Organization. Besides the trainings, we have also tried to provide working equipment so that they can apply the knowledge learnt in their daily work

  •  01/07/2021 08:00 AM - 30/12/2021 07:30 PM
  •   Sơn Trà District, Da Nang, Vietnam

The Upcycling project is created and implemented by CORMIS, the social enterprise Green Youth Collective (GYC) and Sutenainet Japan. This project's key function is to up-cycle used finishing nets from the fisher men, the high quality discarded fabrics from luxury hotels, resorts and tailors into useful products that directly benefit the at-risk communities in Central Vietnam. We aim to educate local youth and women-with-disabilities with entrepreneurial skills that secures income generation; and build community by connecting people and resources into the loop of sustainability. Besides the efforts of upcycling wastes, we have also collaborated with Clothes for Compassion from the Workshop to collect and give used high quality clothes for the poor people who need clothes in many provinces of Vietnam, including Danang, Quang Nam, Lang Son, Son La, Yen Bai Our main supports include: collaborate with partners to study and execute upcycling models using different kinds of wastes, set up and train the upcycling team on the knowledge and skills related to the model of upcycling, upcycle products and find the markets to sell the upcycled products, provide free upcycled products to the marginalized people for instance: hats for patients with cancer, school T-shirt for children living in mountainous areas….

We cannot achieve the results without the support of our partners and the beneficiaries!

  •  01/03/2021 09:43 PM - 15/06/2021 10:29 PM
  •  01/03/2021 09:43 PM - 15/06/2021 10:29 PM
  •  01/03/2021 09:43 PM - 15/06/2021 10:29 PM

Dung Mai


Dung Mai devotes her life to CORMIS. She is President of the organisation and serve humanity

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Gurdeep Prashar

Helping member

Business and IT

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Micheal Lack

Helping Member

Micheal Lack came to help us making videos on our Project of Upcycling for Wellbeing

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Plum Village

Helping Member - Mindfulness meditation

Plum Village is a global community of mindfulness practice centers offering retreats and teachings on engaged Buddhism and the art of mindful living, founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

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Paws for Compassion Danang

Helping Member

Paws for Compassion (PFC) mission is to improve the welfare of animals by combating animal cruelty and pet overpopulation through education.

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Sae Kani

Helping member - TRE® Global Certification Trainer and Certified Integral Coach

She also studied meditation, energy work and metaphysics, which complement recovery from trauma and personal development. She offers individual, couple, group, and corporate TRE® sessions and various meditation retreats, workshops in TRE®, including Global Certification Training. She combines different modalities and skills to support people's potential in living their lives to the fullest.

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Mariano Pedroza

Helping member - A therapist and educator

Mariano is a therapist and educator dedicated to disseminating Mind/Body and Systemic (relational) methods that favor the natural health-recovering mechanisms, the capacity for self-regulation, the refinement of awareness, and the development of empathic human connection. His approach emphasizes the importance of building and strengthening peoples' autonomy and valuing the knowledge acquired from cultural heritage and life experiences.

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Tashma Kritzinger

Helping member - Upcyled fashion Designer


Helping member

Key partner for the Fishing net Upcycling

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Surabhi Jaiswar

Helping member

Artist and mental healing

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Vu Kim Dam Phuong

Helping member

Yoga trainer

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Lam Thi Tuyet

Helping member

Yoga trainer

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Song Tung

Helping member

Environmental protection and systematic management

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Vo Thi Thuy Tien

Helping member

Online English class

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Helping member

Online computer class

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Mr Nguyen Dinh Ba

Person with physical impairment DPO Dien Ban, Quang Nam province


Since doing the TRE® exercises, I no longer feel sad and lonely as before. I find TRE® very suitable for people with disabilities, who always feel lonely and inferior. TRE® exercises help us to overcome that feeling and want to participate more in our community activities. I look forward to the TRE® exercises that will be available to more people with disabilities elsewhere. I would like to become a TRE® instructor for other people with disabilities. Please help me get the TRE® certificate

Ms Nguyen Thi Be

Person with physical impairment DuyXuyen DPO, Quang Nam province


I think my legs are paralyzed. Therefore, when doing TRE, I try to focus on my shoulders and arms. It is suprizing to me that my legs now shake after I try doing normal exercises with people who have normal legs. I feel so much happy. In my mind, it just comes up with a hope that who know if I try more with TRE, my legs can activate again and I can walk like other people?

Ms. Vo Nhat Ha

Staff of Da Nang International airport


"Practicing TRE regularly helps me to sleep better, my body is also less tired"

Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Thuy

Department of Responding and Post Disaster Recovery, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD)


I feel deep relaxation after practising TRE® exercises. Before I think such kind of shaking is not a normal state. Therefore, I try to stop my shaking. Now I know the benefits and know to practise for the shaking

Mariano Gomes Pedroza

a therapist and educator dedicated to disseminating Mind/Body and Systemic (relational) methods that favor the natural health-recovering mechanisms, the capacity for self-regulation, the refinement of awareness, and the development of empathic human connection


CORMIS is a serious institution that does wonderful work often with very little resources. I have the pleasure to collaborate with this wonderful group of human beings and I am a witness of the dedication and professionalism with which they work.

Swing Love

𝑨 𝑺𝒉𝒐𝒆 𝑱𝒐𝒖𝒓𝒏𝒆𝒚 | 𝑯𝒐𝒊 𝑨𝒏, 𝑽𝒊𝒆𝒕𝒏𝒂𝒎. Made-to-order leather shoes by Hội An's experienced shoemakers for Swing dancers & Vintage lovers.


"Thank you to the women at Cormis's Up-cycling Project for Livelihoods and Environmental Protection, who always put so much care and details to sewing our shoe bags. Every time I receive the final products, I'm both excited and curious because all the fabrics are selected from their up-cycling project, so each bag has its own unique point, no two bags look the same. Swing Love is very happy to contribute small tiny part to the upcycling project to increase the livelihoods of women with disabilities in Da Nang. Cormis also has a shop selling pretty recylced products on their Facebook page. Check them out! Oh, I gotta mention the way they mix 'n match old fabrics and bring them a new life, wonderful!

Director of Long Tho center for raising children with disabilities

Center for children with disability, Long Tho Pagoda in Hue is a place that support 88 children with disability and need special care.


We have never had such kinds of practical skill sharing like this. The way of making biodegradable kitchen soap and enzyme liquid from the fruit waste is simple, easy to do. The materials to make the soap and liquid are available in our center so we can start making them after this training. Using the soap and liquid like this in the center we feel safe as they do not cause harm on us and the children. It is also good for the environment. Thank you for sharing this useful knowledge and skills for our center.

A patient with cancer

Program donating upcycled hats to the patients with cancer who is under the treatment at Danang cancer hospital.


Wearing the upcycled hat in the hospital makes me feel warmer in my soul.

Vice - Director of Atuc primary and secondary school

Atuc primary and secondary school locates in remote mountainous area of Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province. The school has more than 90% of ethnic children


Acknowlegement! We are so happy to receive the support from CORMIS who has come over 300 km to help us recover from the previous storm. Their support include 1 tivi, 15 sets of tables and chairs, 11 fans, clothes and medicine for pupils. These are really useful gifts for our teachers and pupils as they will help us to better teach for the children with these equipments. Living in this remote area, with the limited budget we have, we cannot buy those equipment to support the teaching for children. Thank you so much for the kind support from CORMIS. Wish all the members of CORMIS have good health so that you can help more disadvantaged people.

Chong Chaw Kong

Tour agency


My experience at Cormis is unforgetable. The first time i got involve with Dung and the ladies at Cormis was when my friend tagged me in a post about making masks for the hospital. I kindly offered my help. And from that moment i started my time Cormis. Actually they helped me by giving me useful things to do during a tough time in Da Nang. The ladies at Cormis treated me very well. And instantly i felt i was part of the group. They would feed me everytime i was there. And never accepted when i said no. Haha. Sometimes i would find a bag full of fruits on my motorbike. And nobody knew where it came from. I felt so appriciated for hat i have done for Cormis. There are so many ladies who are in need of work. Dung at Cormis provides them with work so they can have a normal life just like everyone else. And they deserve it. Despite having a disabillity, the ladies work so hard and never complain. Or maybe i just don’t understand when they complain haha. There were times when i went to Cormis when i was a bit moody. The ladies at Cormis would turn my mood around in a second by talking to me. Making jokes with me. They would just lift my spirit with their endless energy. I want to thank Cormis for letting me hang around and let me spend time with you ladies. I feel very lucky and i learn a lot during my time at Cormis. So in conclusion. My time at Cormis was great. Made new friends. Learned new things. Ate lots of vegetarian food. And laugh a lot with a group of beautiful and talented people. Cam on rat nhieu! Kong

Micheal Lack

Video maker


The amazing time I spent with Cormis will be one of the highlights of my time spent in Vietnam. To see first hand the amazing work Cormis is doing for the Vietnamese Community is truly heartwarming. The team there is passionate, hard working and above all inspiring. Dung and the amazing women are working so incredibly hard to create opportunities and support the like minded people across Vietnam. Having the amazing opportunity to help and support the team at Cormis was truly one of the most rewarding experiences living in Vietnam. Meeting so many talented and hard working women that are not only creating amazing products but are building a supportive community that uplift each other even when times are dark. Thank you to the team at Cormis for all the hard work you do for the Vietnamese community. Michael Lack"

Refillin Good

Eco Friendly store


After more than one year working with CORMIS I understand that it is the place where we all share, learn from each other for our development. For instance, through the upcycling work from the left over fabric which people throw away, they collect and upcycle them into useful things like wallets, pillow cover, hair tie, apron, etc. Besides, the used fishing nets have also been collected to upcycle them into cleaning items. This is really amazing! CORMIS helps the disadvantaged women use their existing strength, such us, their sewing skills to creat products that can be sold for increasing their income. They are also given environment where they can sit together to share their sadness and happiness in their life. This environment creates equality and happiness for the disadvantage people who have been given opportunities to learn and build their capacity. Besides, they are also be able to participate in other useful activities such as mindfulness, English, dancing which bring them lots of fun. There are many other community groups have given hands to collaborate and support CORMIS through their activities, for instance, community market from Paws for Compassion, Dork Dancing for their Mental health program. We all understand that we are equal. We should be treated equal. CORMIS has brought to our community a value that is the true connection among our humanity. Dung Mai you have done good job.

Dinh Thuy Dung - Quang Ngai province, Vietnam

Member of Club of Women with Disabilities in Quang Ngai province


What I like most from CORMIS is that they support me the best for my spirit. So I have a tendency to think in a more positive way. I live more simply. No worry. No fear. I am fully aware of the day I live. I will think of tomorrow when it comes. (Đinh Thuỳ Dung – Tư Nghĩa district, Quảng Ngãi province).

Tran Hoa

Member of Women with disabilities in Hue city


The “Self and Collective Care” program initiated by CORMIS has helped me to stay in a comfortable mood. It helps me to learn more and therefore I no longer feel sad, inferiority with the fact that I am a woman with disability. Before, I often thought of negative things. My health condition now has also improved. I can sleep more easily and sleep very well. The physical pains on my body have been reduced, especially on my legs, hands and shoulder. My blood pressure is more stable. I don’t worry too much on COVID pandemic and think of it in a negative way. (Tran Hoa – Aluoi Town, Thua Thien Hue province)

Nga Phan

Women with disabilities in Quang Ngai province


The CORMIS’s self and collective care program has helped us to change our priorities in our life. Not like before, now we consider health is an important priority. In this time of COVID pandemic, we have come together to practice breathing, yoga and tension release exercises. These activities have help our lungs to be stronger. Our mental status is stable. We are calm to response to the pandemic. What I like most in this program is the way they design the activities accessible for all of us. This has enabled us, people with disabilities to participate easily to protect our health. This program has also connected us together! (Phan Nga – Quang Ngai city).

Quynh Nguyen

Women with disabilities - Quang Ngai province

Joining the mental health program facilitated by CORMIS in this time of COVID pandemic has helped me to have positive energies, good mood. What I like most when joining the activities is that I have been able to connect with friends, uncles, aunts who have the same situation like me from different provinces of Vietnam. Their joy of living and smiles are the great medicine for me in this time. The devoted way of facilitating from Ms Dung and the yoga providers at each session per week attracted me to participate and these activities are now like the food which must have on my menu. The mindfulness meditation guided by the Nuns and Monks in being aware of the breath has enabled me to relax my body and can easily sleep.

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  • 76 Võ Trường Toản, phường Nại Hiên Đông, Sơn Trà, thành phố Đà Nẵng, Viet Nam