Song Tung
Helping member

Environmental protection and systematic management

Song Tung is the founder of GEA (Green Eco Adventure) LTD Vietnam which focus on green run community. 

GEA is a partner of CORMIS. We have been working together nearly 2 years. What we have trying to do is promote the inclusion in the Green run community program that has been facilitated by GEA. This has been reflected by the participation of people with disabilities in their green run competitions and training courses. We have also offered GEA upcycled tool kits for their running competitions. Song Tung, the founder of GEA has been supporting us in the inclusive environmental protection program through his direct trainings for the upcycling team members and consultancy for the projects/activities. 

We have also been collaborating in some post disaster relief. It is a great collaboration! We are happy to work together to protect the environment and increase the inclusion of the marginalized group in this aspect.