Helping member

Key partner for the Fishing net Upcycling

Akiko is one of our main partners in the Upcycling program. She is the Director of Sutenainet Japan. She has collaborated with us to upcyle the used fishing nets and turned them into useful cleaning items. With her support, our sewing group of ladies with disabilities have more jobs to do. It means they can increase their income through this work. It also helped them to learn how to upcycle the used fishing nets into many useful products which they have not done before she came in. This has helped to increase their awareness and skills on upcycling nets. She has connected us with other customers in other countries, not only Japan. This kind of connection helps to share what CORMIS is trying to do and therefore we have more friends in other country of the world. Akiko is a very kind person. We love the way she has collaborated with us. We can feel her passion in trying to save the world and helping the disadvantaged people in Vietnam.