Micheal Lack
Helping Member

Micheal Lack came to help us making videos on our Project of Upcycling for Wellbeing

Micheal Lack came to help us when we shared with him the urgent need of having someone to assist us in making videos on our Project of Upcycling for Wellbeing in which high quality discarded fabrics from luxury hotels, resorts and tailors are up-cycled into useful products that directly benefit the at-risk communities in Central Vietnam. Through this project we aim to educate local youth and women-with-disabilities with entrepreneurial, self and collective care skills that secures income generation; environmental protection and build community by connecting people and resources into the loop of sustainability. By sharing videos of our project, it will help us to send the message of “reducing wastes to the environment” to a larger scale of target groups. Besides, it also helps to introduce how our women with disabilities up-cycled fabric into daily products and their beautiful products. In doing so, we hope they can sell more products and increase their income. Micheal has made high-quality videos of our project helping the viewers to have a clearer, deeper understanding about the values we want to show. The stories of our women with disabilities in the videos are told by a simple approach but really real, strong and meaningful. This is what we need and he always meets our expectation, even though he helps us for free. Working with Micheal, we always have good feeling as he does not care about difficulties while working. He can go to the community to work with a poor condition. He is very open, collaborative, acts in a friendly way with people he works with, including the poor, marginalized people at grass root level. This is the reason that our women with disabilities do not feel scared when talking in front of his camera. They act naturally and collaborate so well with him during the process of filming. Beyond filming skill, Micheal has a strong compassion with the poor and less fortunate people. He works with his heart. To us, that is the most important factor that has helped him to succeed with his videos. We have been very lucky to have his support for our project and grateful for what he has done for us. Without his meaningful support we cannot document; share our work, our values to the ones who want to reach./.