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10 days of preparation 10 different outfits 2 countries and 1 joy! On January 12th, 2024, Da Nang University of Architecture became a canvas for vibrant expression, echoing the triumphant finale of the Fashion Show program. This wasn't just a runway, it was a tapestry woven from countless emotions. Days of collaborative brainstorming, meticulous garment crafting, and finally, the euphoric unveiling of collective creativity. Most profound of all, however, was the invisible thread that transcended differences - of culture, language, age, or background. We were all pilgrims to a shared destination, each brushstroke contributing to a masterpiece far greater than ourselves. And when bathed in the spotlight, our brothers and sisters with disabilities, hand in hand with the student designers, took the stage, and met with thunderous applause, the world seemed to hold its breath. It was a moment etched in eternity, a symphony of triumph, a chorus of joyful tears. This, truly, was the essence of the show - a testament to the transformative power of human connection, where art becomes a bridge, and joy, a universal language. From the bottom of our hearts, we extend our deepest gratitude to the incredible teachers and students of Da Nang Architectural University (DAU) and Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) for their invaluable companionship during our recent special event. It's through our close collaboration in recent times that we've been able to share uplifting messages with the community about the boundless power of connection and acceptance, illuminating the true essence of love. We eagerly anticipate our next collaborative ventures, where we can continue to create meaningful projects together. Please accept our sincerest appreciation for your dedication and partnership. We appreciate all the organizations, individuals, and groups who have supported and helped us communicate, promote, and take care of the stages of running the event program. It was the love and enthusiastic support of the brothers and sisters that made this event a success. We are forever grateful for everyone's kindness. We extend our sincere gratitude to our valued partners and friends for their dedication in participating in the program. Your esteemed presence served as a source of constant motivation not only during the program but also for future endeavors. We deeply appreciate the unwavering support and enthusiasm you have shared. Deserving of special mention are the ten incredible models with disabilities who graced this event. Following last year's impactful recycled Ao Dai show, you have once again radiated positivity, illuminating the hearts of all present. We are filled with immense gratitude and respect for the unwavering spirit and inspiring companionship each of you displayed. Keep shining brightly! Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to all CORMIS members, who silently stand behind each day to prepare, support, and create this special event with our partners in the organizing committee.

  • Date: 12/01/2024 05:16 PM
  • Location Da Nang, Vietnam (Map)