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After Miuk style, we are happy to collaborate with Thinh Minh Anh enterprise within the Project of Upcycling Program. This collaboration aims to introduce and create another channel to help sell upcycled products made by the team of people with disabilities to the market. On November 19, 2023; the MOU signing ceremony between CORMIS and Thinh Minh Anh was held with the witness of many related stakeholders and organization of people with disabilities at Viet Nam – Innovative Hub of Danang city. At this event, representatives of people with disabilities coming from the Upcycing Project came and share their thought about their participation in this project. Mr Vo Duc, one of the members of the Upcycling team said “this is the first time I have the honor to participate in this kind of event to share about my family and my job. Feeling inferior about being a Deaf and his voice which made his friends laughed at it since he was young at the school, he was very scare of standing and talking in front of a huge number of people. However this time, even though still have the same feeling of worry and tremoring, he could be able to speak slowly (though not very clear) to introduce about himself and the upcycling work he is doing. It might be thanks to the loving eyes, compassion and admire from the participants for his living courage has inspired him to speak confidently. The collaboration of the enterprises in the Upcycling Program will create more motivation for Mr Duc as well as other members with disabilities to work so that they can live confidently and independently.

  • Date: 19/11/2023 12:33 PM
  • Location Da Nang, Vietnam (Map)
  • More Info: Danang