Sae Kani
Helping member - TRE® Global Certification Trainer and Certified Integral Coach

She also studied meditation, energy work and metaphysics, which complement recovery from trauma and personal development. She offers individual, couple, group, and corporate TRE® sessions and various meditation retreats, workshops in TRE®, including Global Certification Training. She combines different modalities and skills to support people's potential in living their lives to the fullest.

Sae Kani is a key advisor for CORMIS mental health program. She is also a trainer who has trained CORMIS members to become TRE global providers and trainees (to become trainer in the future). She has always provided enthusiastic assistance to CORMIS since the day it was set up. Her assistance helps CORMIS mental health team to have strong long term operation strategy and ensure the quality of performance, not only for community humanitarian projects but also for the services provided for agencies. With the support of Sae, the mental health program from Vietnam has been shared for many other providers, trainers in the world. And we have so many amazing friends through Sae connection. When we have emergencies situations, Sae has always tried to help the people in Vietnam to recover. To CORMIS, Sae is not only the the advisor, trainer. She is more than that and we could not have done much without her support./.