Gurdeep Prashar
Helping member

Business and IT

Guru met us at CORMIS office when he  came to Vietnam. This is the time that Vietnam faces a lot of challenges due to another phase of COVID lock down. 

After being shared of what we have been trying to help the marginalized people, he has offered to help with what he can to collectively uplift the life of disadvantage people. With his support, we are able to re-build CORMIS website in a nicer, more professional format. With the change, we can easily edit, change any thing we want in our website. This help us a lot in managing our website without depending too much on external technical support. He also donates his money to fund for the annual website management fee. Besides this important contribution, Guru also help us to boost our upcycling project. He teaches the upcycling team about doing business in a more effective way, connect with more customers in other countries to sell the products. As his strengths is about sale, marketing. So, he has shared his experience to us which is useful for the upcycling project. Gurdeep Also voluntarily teach IT class for our members (with different disabilities) who wants to upgrade their skills.  Thank you for coming and supporting us Guru! Really appreciate your contribution!