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This morning, nearly 100 children at the Village of Hope, a center raising disadvantage children in Da Nang, participated in our workshop. After more than 2 hours, the children learnt basic skills of sewing to be able to solve basic problems on their clothes, if it happens. The kids shared: “ they normally see the strings broken out at the bottom of their trousers but they don’t know how to fix it, they want to learn how to sew a straight line but they don’t know how, ect”. After learning these basic lessons, they continued learning how to sew basic stuff for their own usage, for example, make scrunches, a small bag to put their pens inside, a book mark to use…All the materials they use were left over fabric. This was how they learnt about fabric waste and how to reduce waste to protect environment. Ms Le Phuong Thao, Vice Director of the Village said: “the image of the teachers with disabilities teaching the kids how to sew will be their inspiration to study. The skills they learnt this morning, though we normally thought they are such a simple thing in life, but in fact, they are really useful and meaningful for the kids. Garbage if we know how to use they will become our resource. So, I think, this morning workshop teach the kinds useful lessons. We know if the kids stay out of this village, they still grow up. However, the importance thing is who they will become? So, what we guide them since they are young is really important”. We understand the difficulties, challenges and concerns of the teachers in the village and we also want to cultivate “good seeds” in the kids, even starting from very simple, small lessons. However, these lessons will contribute to build their independence, confidence and more than that. Thank you Microtec company and the leaders of the Village for your great collaboration with us in this program. We look forward to next workshops for the kids.

  • Date:23/09/2023 02:43 PM
  • Location Danang, Vietnam (Map)