Mariano Pedroza
Helping member - A therapist and educator

Mariano is a therapist and educator dedicated to disseminating Mind/Body and Systemic (relational) methods that favor the natural health-recovering mechanisms, the capacity for self-regulation, the refinement of awareness, and the development of empathic human connection. His approach emphasizes the importance of building and strengthening peoples' autonomy and valuing the knowledge acquired from cultural heritage and life experiences.

Mariano is an advisor for CORMIS on self and collective care program for community people. Together with Sae, he has helped CORMIS in designing the projects for community people, especially the disadvantaged women in Vietnam. Besides the projects, he also helped to build capacity for CORMIS members to serve TRE and mindfulness for the people of Vietnam in a sustainable way. He has shared the TRE program for women with disabilities in Vietnam at international forum so that more people know how it is implemented in Vietnam. Whenever he comes to Vietnam, he always try to work with the community people in different provinces, helped them to practice and have deep experience on TRE. The community people love him as he is so friendly. .