Program is on, make us successful with your Support and Efforts

The beneficiaries of this project is also women, including women with disabilities. They are the ones who have been suffering a lot from the COVID pandemic. Coming to this project, the selected women will be engaged in all steps of the implementation process, including collection of the garbage of coconut shells, cleaning, upcycling them into different products and even selling to the market. Through this project, we want to create more opportunities for more disadvantage women in Central Vietnam to be able to continue working, helping them to solve the basic financial problems due to Covid pandemic. In particularly, we want to empower, inspire them to use their inner strengths to work and from that they will have more power to overcome their challenges. We love to receive support, under any forms, for this project to create more meaningful values for the community, Please Contact us for more enquiries.

  • Date:02/11/2021 11:14 PM
  • Location Danang, Vietnam (Map)


You Can Support Us

  • Used Coconut, waste wood or wood art, Wooden pallets etc. (We strictly not support deforestation so only recycled wood or wood pieces from waste that leftover after storm)  
  • Your organization staff or Individuals can join our project in their free time for provide training for uplift skills (Online or Offline as per their convenience). e.g. Working Skills, Sales Skills, Management Skills, Industrial Skills or Making Skills etc. 
  • Laptops or Computer not in Use or Mobiles. (even we accept who not working or required   limited repair)
  • Your organization or individuals can provide us Venue for Display our Quality Handcrafted products.
  • Your Organization can Buy our Quality handcrafted products for your Shops or Souvenir Shops in Hotel or resorts
  • Most Importantly Adopt the project or Support Financially the project