Dung Mai

Dung Mai devotes her life to CORMIS. She is President of the organisation and serve humanity

After graduating from university, Dung has started to work for International Organizations that focus on programs of environmental protection, community development and inclusive disaster risk reduction. She has more than 15 years working with those organizations whose missions are helping to protect the environment at the industrial zones, supporting the disadvantaged ethnic communities at the remote mountainous areas to develop and assisting the at risk natural disaster areas to build their resiliency by reducing potential risks and strengthening their strengths. Since 2019, she stopped working for the international organizations and started her own road by setting up a local organization in Vietnam to continue her mission.

CORMIS is the name of the organization that she founded. Here, she continues to serve the marginalized people, help them to improve their quality of lives through the programs that CORMIS has tried to implement by their internal resources.

At CORMIS, Dung and her core members work with different groups of marginalized people. They are orphaned children, children with disabilities, children living in difficult situation at remote mountainous areas, people with disabilities, non-disabled women with unstable job and low income, the elderly in the . She also works very closely with people suffering from stress and trauma. These are the key people that she and other members in CORMIS have been working to support until now.

She has various projects running which are revolving around upcycling for well being, capacity building for the associations of marginalized people, disaster risk management in climate change context and the mental health. Her work allows her to provide direct support to the marginalized people and make a life changing with them. All the efforts aim to promote human rights, especially women’ right, empowering and supporting the marginalized people to bring out their inner strengths, self-compassion and love. That will help to build the solidarity and sustainability of their communities and strengthen their inclusion in the society. For her, the small and simple changes from each person in the marginalized group are important. Without small change, they cannot be able to have big change in their life. And their changes are the only motivation for her to move forward.

She also has a passion in empowering individuals, organizations, communities to be more resilient and have a move active role in the maintenance of their health balance